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30 themes for 30 kills

play tennis to death

30 themes for 30 kills - tenipuri style
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30 Themes for 30 Kills

This community deals almost exclusively in character death. If that's not your cup of tea you probably shouldn't be here.

Where'd this come from? Long story short, mikage and ee970 (your friendly neighborhood mods) were bored and on complete opposite sides of the planet, chatting up a storm. Somehow the topic of Tenipuri Battle Royale weapons came up, then the 30_kisses challenge got dragged into it... and then all hell broke loose. This is what came of it ;P

So here it is. 30_kills is an unsponsored, unsanctioned SPINOFF of both br_tenipuri and 30_kisses. Check those comm userinfos for more info on either/or. Obviously, you don't need to be a member of either to be a member here.

The premise is simple: There are 30 themes (all magically yoinked from 30_kisses, because we are lazy wanted to see what people could come up with), and 30 weapons... Pick a TeniPuri character, pick a theme, and write deathfics or draw some sort of death art involving them. It doesn't have to be in the Battle Royale setting, but it certainly won't count against you. :)

What's in it for you? Well, maybe you're intrigued by the the inherent tension and drama of young folks stripped of their human rights and forced to fight to the death. Maybe you just like killing tennis boys. It's all good. If nothing else, we give pretty much anyone who likes character death a chance to do so and not get burned by the fandom for it :)

How this works

The nitty-gritty is here.


1) Make your kills varied and interesting. :) No one's interested in 30 fics about Ryoma slicing someone's throat open, over and over and over.
2) Make at least one post every 'round' -- currently, three weeks. Failure to do so could result in your boy taken away from you :) ...You may claim another character if this happens.
3) Fiction must be longer than a paragraph :) Other than that, pretty much anything goes.
4) Put everything except your basic info behind a cut. Due to the graphic nature of this comm we don't need little kids clicking on a link and having some decapitated person show up as the first thing they see (we want them to have to click two links. :P)
5) All of the following must be in your post :)
+ Author/Artist
+ Theme / Weapon
+ Character
+ Rating
+ Warnings (Things like severe squick warnings should be here >>)

You can be as morbid/graphic/psychotic/squicky with your kills as you want. :)


1. look over here
2. news; letter
3. jolt!
4. our distance and that person
5. "ano sa" ("hey, you know....")
6. the space between dream and reality
7. superstar
8. our own world
9. dash
10. #10
11. gardenia
12. in a good mood
13. excessive chain
14. radio-cassette player
15. perfect blue
16. invincible; unrivaled
17. kHz (kilohertz)
18. "say ahh...."
19. red
20. the road home
21. violence; pillage/plunder; extortion
22. cradle
23. candy
24. good night
25. fence
26. if only I could make you mine
27. overflow
28. Wada Calcium CD3
29. the sound of waves
30. kiss


Atobe Keigo | assyrian
Echizen Ryoma | hinoai
Fuji Shuusuke | galaxysong9
Fuji Yuuta | ruebert
Horio Satoshi | dilettantka
Inui Sadaharu | plotholeman
Kaidou Kaoru | kishmet
Kamio Akira | dilettantka
Kikumaru Eiji | shiya
Kirihara Akaya | mikage
Kiriyama Daichi | plotholeman (Completed!)
Kisarazu Atsushi | yamimagic
Kuwahara, Jackal | soloproject
Marui Bunta | ee970
Mizuki Hajime | sublimeparadigm
Momoshiro Takeshi | renabunny42
Niou Masaharu | takkey
Oishi Syuichirou | mojotmonkey
Oota Kakeru | plotholeman (Completed! You get presents :D)
Ootori Choutarou | samurai_jun
Oshitari Yuushi | sinistera
Ryuuzako Sakuno | a_l_
Smith, Kevin | hinoai
Tachibana An | galaxysong9
Tachibana Kippei | soloproject
Tezuka Kunimitsu | trinityhelix
Yukimura Seiichi | crunchy_salad

Other things

Feel free to join/watch the comm! ^___^

If there's anything else that seems uncertain, it is probably up to your own judgement. Revel in your freedoms or something... But feel free to ask if you have any questions! Comment, or contact mikage or ee970.

Let's killing~☆
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